International Trading

Mitsubishi Corporation provides strength in a worldwide network of overseas offices located in about ninety countries, providing market information and trade opportunities.  
We, Agrex Inc. as a 100% subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, have a significant role in the “food supply chain management” of Mitsubishi Corporation providing upstream production to downstream retail activities. We provide a wide range of agriculture commodities to world markets. Our networks and services in the U.S. enable us to maintain a strong position in the agriculture trading market and provide the best prices and services to our customers.
Moreover, our affiliation with Agrex Do Brazil provides an advantage to trading in the South American grain markets and allows for direct involvement in exporting of Brazilian grain to various export markets, including direct exports to China and other Asian countries through our affiliates, Agrex Asia in Singapore and Agrex Bejing in China.

Global Supply and Demand Network of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC)/Agrex group


North America

Agrex Inc. (KS, U.S.A)

  • 7 Trading Offices
  • Export Terminal at Mobile, AL
  • JV Export Terminal with ADM and Gavilon at Kalama, WA, and Portland, OR.
  • JV Shuttle Train Loaders with Cargill, in IN(AC Grain) and SD(Dakota Plains)
  • 2 Shuttle Train Loaders in NE(Enola and Superior)
  • 1 affiliated Shuttle Train Loader in ND(Tronson Grain)
  • Hay Processing Facility in WA

Sesaco (TX, U.S.A)

  • Sesame production, marketing, export and seed development

South America

Mitsubishi Argentina (Buenos Aires)

  • Sourcing  Argentine grain and oilseeds

Agrex do Brasil (former “Ceagro”) (Goiania, Sao Paulo, etc.)

  • Grain & oilseeds production, procurement, marketing and export,
  • marketing agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizer and agrochemical)
  • operating inland terminals in central and northern Brazil


Agrex Australia (Melbourne, Perth)-JV with Olam (MC80/Olam20)

  • Grain & oilseeds procurement, marketing and export
  • 2 Trading Offices
  • Export Terminal (Newcastle Agri Terminal) at Newcastle, NSW.

Riverina (Brisbane)

  • Manufacturing and marketing of compound feed



Agrex Beijing (Beijing)

  • Grain & oilseeds marketing in China


Agrex Asia (Singapore)

  • Grain & oilseeds marketing in South East Asia

PT Sriboga Flour Mill (Jakarta)

  • Leading wheat flour miller in Indonesia
  • Mitsubishi Corporation acquired shares in April 2013


Mitsubishi Corp. (Tokyo)

  • Principal, Head Quarter of all trading and investments
  • Owns discharging terminals and businesses in processed grain such as following company

Nosan Corporation

  • Leading compound feed manufacturer

Nihon Shokuhin Kako

  • Leading corn wet miller

Nitto Fuji Flour Milling

  • Leading wheat flour miller