Domestic Trading

Agrex Inc. trades a wide range of commodity products domestically from its trading offices strategically placed throughout the United States, including offices in Overland Park, Minneapolis, Bowling Green, Atlanta, and Franklin.  Each of these offices have very capable merchandisers that are not only familiar with their local market conditions but also are tied into a global network of market information.  This allows them to better communicate with their customer base and provide pricing that reflects the best market prices available for all commodities.

  • elevators

    Our network of elevators in Nebraska, Alabama, and Ohio allow for providing the best possible prices and are directly connected to the trading offices and to the worldwide trading information we have available.

  • hay facilities

    Our hay facility provides the best possible hay prices to our customer base in Washington due to many years of experience of local buying and worldwide information communicated to this office of current hay demand and pricing.


We operate an export facility in Mobile, AL and use our strong buying power in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and other Midwest States, along with a leased rail car fleet to feed this facility. This network provides a tremendous advantage to our customer base in these states. 

Our cross-country business, originating from offices in Overland Park, Minneapolis, Bowling Green, and Atlanta provide a further network of trading that crosses all modes of transportation from trucks, rail, container, barge, and vessel. We trade a variety of commodities through each of these trading offices modes with the ability to know the best markets to sell into to offer the very best pricing to our origination customers. 

Our Partnerships in various States each having the ability to load shuttle trains, allow for shared expertise to provide the best market information available. This allows our customer base the capability to better disseminate the markets and make market decisions to their advantage. These partnership facilities are located in Beardsley, South Dakota, Dana, Indiana, and Doyon, North Dakota.

With our Mobile export facility and partnership in Pacificor LLC, we maintain a strong presence in the US export markets, both in the PNW and Gulf markets. Our network of inland facilities and partnerships allow grain to flow to both of these markets to satisfy export demands.