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Agrex Inc. announces the new BNSF shuttle loading facility in Laurel, Nebraska


Overland Park, KS, May 28, 2013 – Today Agrex Inc., a full service agricultural trading company and one of the major exporters of U.S. feed grains, announced its plans to build a 2.6 million bushel BNSF shuttle loading facility at Laurel, Nebraska. The facility, rated at 80,000 bushels per hour, will be capable of loading 110-120 cars of corn and soybeans and provide local producers additional market access to the export markets in the Pacific Northwest, Mexico and the Gulf and to the domestic feed markets located in Texas and the southwest United States served by the BNSF railroad.

This facility will have two primary truck unload pits with a third pit for that will be used during peak harvest times which will keep truck lines moving enabling producers to get back to the fields quicker during harvest. The facility will consist of 1.6 million bushels of upright bin space and a 1.0 million bushel bunker which will be built by Todd and Sargent and will have a loop track for rail loading.

“Agrex hopes to bring additional value to the producer’s grain tributary to the city of Laurel, Nebraska through the construction of this facility” said Shu Kobayashi, President/CEO of Agrex Inc. The Agrex facility will bring new jobs to the Laurel Community once construction is completed in August 2014 according to Mr. Kobayashi.

This will be Agrex’s third shuttle loading facility in Nebraska adding to their existing facilities in Superior and Enola.