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Medaryville, Ind.

Medaryville, Ind. — Agrex Inc. a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, has entered into an operating agreement with North Central Cooperative to operate the Medaryville Grain Facility effective September 19, 2016. Agrex will be solely responsible for the management of the location.  ###  About North Central Cooperative  Medaryville Grain began as Pulaski County Co-op. In September 2007...Continue reading 

Tronson Grain, LLC, completed construction on additional upright storage

Tronson Grain, LLC, a joint venture owned partly by Agrex Inc., completed construction in fall 2014 on additional upright storage of 425,000 bushels, bringing its total capacity to approximately 3,900,000 bushels. Tronson Grain, LLC operates a shuttle loading facility in Doyon, North Dakota, handling corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, peas, canola, oats, and other products, in addition to agronomy services including fertilizer, chemicals, seed...Continue reading 

'A Division of Agrex Inc.' will now be called 'Agrex Inc.'

Effective September 1, 2014, FGDI, a Division of Agrex Inc. will now be called Agrex Inc. The former FGDI, LLC merged with Agrex Inc. in 2010, and although the company has been operating as one legal entity since that time, this name change shows our solidarity and commitment to providing high-quality market information, competitive prices, and domestic and international trade opportunities throughout the...Continue reading