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Darin Koepke

Earl Joy

Sean Findley

Commodities: corn, soybean

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Division: Western Division

Products: corn, soybean

Additional Information:

Agrex-Enola was built in 1979 and has had 2 expansions since its opening. We currently have 2,400,000 million upright concrete storage with an additional 1,000,000 bu. outside storage. We are located on a short-line called the NCRC and are a shuttle loader via the short-line on the Union Pacific. We purchase corn, soybeans, and some various specialty crops from local producers and elevators. We understand the time, effort, and risks that you the producer put into every bushel of grain you produce. Our goal here at Agrex, Inc. is to continue to bring you the best value we can for your grain whether that is here domestically or abroad via our export channels. Our people here at Enola and our corporate staff strive not only to make your daily experiences positive, but we are constantly working on ideas for the future, bringing that value back to your bottom line. As always our goal is to provide the best service possible.


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